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2007-08-03 08:22:45 by The-Landow-Nunder

I thought since I have this page I might as well add something too it. Whether if it's even just 7 people that see it.


The series is going well. As you should know I'm only creator and writer for the series. All animation credit goes to Kuoke. I have finished the script for Part 3. I want to finish the series ASAP because I really don't want to tie Kuoke down animating this all the time. So Parts 2 and 3 will be pretty slow but future parts (I don't know how many) will be really fast like Part 1 was. There is a secret for any past, present or future WEA fans. But you'll have to wait and find out.


After watching and loving the Blockhead series I have attained inspiration from Michael Swain to create my own series. Comedy of course I plan to do everything. Animation, voice acting, sounds, music etc. I'm not 100% sure what it will include but there are some ideas swimming around in my head. I can tell you that I plan to bring back some old school cartoon characters. But that'd probably be in something seperate since I want my series to be original. Real planning will start during mid-production of the WEA series.

Well, I hope at least one person read this. Thanks guys and I'll catch ya later.