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2007-08-03 08:22:45 by The-Landow-Nunder

I thought since I have this page I might as well add something too it. Whether if it's even just 7 people that see it.


The series is going well. As you should know I'm only creator and writer for the series. All animation credit goes to Kuoke. I have finished the script for Part 3. I want to finish the series ASAP because I really don't want to tie Kuoke down animating this all the time. So Parts 2 and 3 will be pretty slow but future parts (I don't know how many) will be really fast like Part 1 was. There is a secret for any past, present or future WEA fans. But you'll have to wait and find out.


After watching and loving the Blockhead series I have attained inspiration from Michael Swain to create my own series. Comedy of course I plan to do everything. Animation, voice acting, sounds, music etc. I'm not 100% sure what it will include but there are some ideas swimming around in my head. I can tell you that I plan to bring back some old school cartoon characters. But that'd probably be in something seperate since I want my series to be original. Real planning will start during mid-production of the WEA series.

Well, I hope at least one person read this. Thanks guys and I'll catch ya later.


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2007-11-18 00:47:53

I'm goin to Australia in June....

The-Landow-Nunder responds:

Cool. Sydney's the best.


2008-05-07 00:52:13

Best of luck on the new series, most important thing is to maintain quality no matter how long it takes you, or how eager you get to release it, that's the number one killer of a good idea. Good luck, peace.

The-Landow-Nunder responds:

Thanks, man. I'm not one to cut corners than submit. But since Aug, last year I've decided to scrap my own series. I would LOVE to do it, but I just suck at drawing and it'll never look good unless I spend 10 minutes on a single line until it's perfect. I guess I'll just produce radioplays and if other animators want to animate it then awesome, if not, I still get to voice act so either way it's a win.